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ScienceTree will work with your team to help you migrate from a traditional, costly SR&ED environment of manual processes, unconsolidated and un-validated data, last minute filings, drawn out "Project Review" audits, and poor yields, - to a sustainable, "Process Review" environment of automated processes, consolidated and validated data, real time and reduced cost audits, reduced preparation cost per project, increased claims and booking certainty.

As a result of our services, one client's reported R&D grew by a factor of 30 since inception of the re-engineered SR&ED program, moving the client to among the very top of Canada's R&D spenders.

We are focused on increasing and standardizing claims for our clients!

ScienceTree is a SR&ED Services Provider that assists companies accessing development tax credits available from the Federal and Provincial governments. ScienceTree has in-depth expertise in growing SR&ED programs through end-to-end optimization of the SR&ED Process, Systems and Claims Operations.


ScienceTree applies advanced technology to maximize claims for our clients.

Your company has made investments in developing and improving advanced technical solutions in Canada. ScienceTree applies the same advanced technology approach to the task of managing SR&ED claims.


By encompassing the process, systems as well the operation of SR&ED claims, we are able to ensure our customers are able to gain the full benefit of the SR&ED program and have a further reaching positive impact on their business and help improve shareholder value.


Our team consists of scientists and engineers who understand the SR&ED process, and the types of activities that qualify for incentives. Our in depth knowledge of the SR&ED program and CRA’s assessing policies, as well as our thorough approach to the process of making a claim, allows us to enhance your claim, and reduce costs related to staff time spent in claim preparation, costing, and audit related activities.


Our processes and automation reduce your costs by minimizing the disruption to your R&D staff and ensure that you achieve the completion of timely claims and early bookings with no material adjustments. Claims that are robust and accurate help you to reduce accounting provisions.


We help minimize CRA audit risk through Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) compliant, CRA approved process and tools developed using the latest web application technology to deliver maximum performance, scalability and financial returns. Find out more today…

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