Under an initiative known as “Process Review” the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has engaged Canadian corporations to transform the method used to prepare and audit SR&ED claims from the traditional project based audits to audits that focus on how claims are prepared.

"Process Review" is a CRA audit of the claimant's SR&ED claims preparation process as realized through their SR&ED system. With the participation of ScienceTree, clients engage to complete a Process Review Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the CRA, and provincial tax authorities to launch SR&ED Process Review.

Our Process services include;

  • Transition to Process Review
  • Process Review transition management
  • Process Review MOU negotiations
  • Process Review Rules
  • Process Documentation
  • Corporate Control Processes
  • Process Re-engineering

In parallel with the Process Review negotiations, ScienceTree helps clients re-engineer their SR&ED processes.

  • Project Management
  • Scoping
  • Current Mode of Operation (CMO) Assessment
  • Future Mode of Operation (FMO) Development
  • Transition Roadmap
  • Re-engineering claimant's procurement intellectual properly policies


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