Our Team


Canadian scientists, engineers and developers...

Established in 2008, ScienceTree consists of a group of SR&ED and Tax experts who deliver a full spectrum of SR&ED and related services in Canada.


ScienceTree unites a highly skilled SR&ED operations team, together with SR&ED process reengineering, integration and automation expertise. We leverage our collective experience to provide SR&ED Process re-engineering, SR&ED Systems development, and SR&ED Claims preparation services.


Over the past seven years, we have developed significant capabilities in respect of SR&ED claims preparation, including:

  • Building a team focused exclusively on the SR&ED function
  • Negotiating Process Review MOUs with the CRA
  • Re-engineering the SR&ED process
  • Developing advanced software technology for the purpose of preparing SR&ED claims


SR&ED Claims Operations:

Since 2002, this team has been responsible for the preparation and defense of SR&ED claims for many companies (Over 6000 SR&ED projects prepared and claimed). Find out today how our team can help you make the most of your current SR&ED claims.


ScienceTree's staff also has extensive experience in basic, applied and experimental research and development in a number of industry sectors including: university R&D, oil and gas, defense, aerospace, telecommunications, health, finance, software, information technology and security.